2009 AMGEN Tour of California - Photo Credits
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Gary Ferber
Gary Ferber is a Sausalito Photographer who provides professional photography for people and businesses in the Marin County area. Gary is renowed for his photography of weddings, parties, and other special events in the Marin County Area of California.
Photography inquires: http://www.garyferberphotography.com/

Ric Miller
Ric Miller is a popular Sausalito photographer who specializes in panoramic landscape images. Living in the Sausalito floating homes community since 1994, Miller has an extensive collection of Marin County scenery.
Photography inquires: http://www.floatinghome.com

Roni Seale
Roni is a local Sausalito photographer who has been taking senic Sausalito photos for many years. Roni works mostly with real estate clients.
Inquires: roniseale@yahoo.com

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